Saturday, 2 December 2017


Life is full of diversions, accompanied by an invitation to explore them. So! Why not accept and see what’s on offer.
As children we like things to be the same,  toys, books and the same television programmes, over and over and over again.
Repetition is the safety platform of children and the civil servant. It is the tool of those learning new skills.
Diversions present themselves unexpectantly, as options for the brave and those who are not afraid to experiment and explore.
Unfortunately, as adults we develop fears that control our lives ensuring we accept the safe option.
Football players, swimmers, runners, writers, actors, singers as well as dancers ETC will practice the same techniques over and over again, until they become second nature, but they will still be ordinary.
The difference between good and great is between those who explore one or more diversions, as many as possible.
Exploring diversions doesn’t guarantee greatness but it offers the opportunity, possibilities beyond the norm.
When I talk about greatness, I don’t mean fame and fortune. No! fame and fortune can be achieved by those who fulfil a need of the world media and can be tossed aside as soon as someone fulfils that need cheaper or more grossly.
While greatness can be achieved by taking these diversions and being open to new experiences, it may not be recognised until after death.
It can be the fate of the great that their creativity and brilliance will be ignored by those less willing to explore.  In fact by those travelling through their own diversions and blinded by the possibilities and their own shortcomings.
Change is often slow, real lasting change that is, and often the key to this is so well hidden behind the dearth of sameness, safeness and copying, that finding it is often mistaken for creativity and excellence. The key only opens the door, allowing you to enter into possibilities, the beginning of the road.
In fact there is no such thing as excellence, just stepping stones to more questions. A mean’s of creating different experiences and answers to the unanswerable.
Of course as soon as the unanswerable is answered, new questions present themselves, looking for answers.
This is why answers are important, because they are the chests or goldmines that hold the future of mankind.
There will always be questions, answers and more questions as well as discoveries that provide the answers and encourage more searches for those who dare, digging deeper without receiving acknowledgement.

The poet never writes the perfect poem, the painter never paints the perfect picture, the runner never runs the perfect race, but they all have one thing in common. A curiosity that pushes them along the road that is a ‘Diversion’.

JC-Dublin-A city crammed with diversion

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Does 'Fiction’ exist?

Fiction has a value in a world where news is neither true or false. Often authors will write true stories, change the names to avoid court appearances and publish as fiction.
Does fiction really exist? After all it’s the by-product of ideas fermented in the minds of humans, however erratic, based on factual experience and lives often lived to the limit.
You can fantasize until the cows come home but all your fantasies are based on real experience, whether lived, read or seen on the screen.
I’ve often heard it said that ‘there are no boundaries to what the mind can do’ or conjure up. This hypothesise is untrue, even if we can come up with new ideas or thoughts every minute of every day, for the rest of our lives.  Ideas, thoughts, creativity, inventiveness are all limited by our experience or influences of those we come in contact with. 
This is not to say we are ‘limited’ in what we can achieve during our lifetime, though how long we live will of course do this. There are so many corridors in the mind, all full of our adventures, explorations, dreams and ambitions, that our creativity is limited only by our life experiences and what we place in these corridors.
This multiplied by the various permutations within, leave us with enough fertile imagination for a life of creativity, if we use it and regularly.
Fiction is really life dressed up, allowing us to lose ourselves in worlds where we wouldn’t normally enter by choice or order.
There is nothing more bizarre than reality, nothing more unbelievable. Reality was once: ‘the earth is flat’,- ‘Man can’t fly’- ‘We couldn’t live beyond a hundred’- ‘go to the bottom of the sea’- ‘Land on the moon’. All these ‘couldn’ts’ are now ‘Fiction’, cast into the bargain basement of ‘The impossible’.
Of recent times we couldn’t see Trump in the ‘white house’ -‘A woman president (We’ve had two in Ireland)’- A gay Taoiseach’ and peace in Northern Ireland. All ‘Couldn’ts’ now seen as unthinkable.

Fiction and reality are interchangeable, connected in a way that makes life colourful and challenging, with lots of room for questions, sometimes without answers, though not always, at the moment anyway.

JC-DUBLIN A City that believes 'Fiction is Fact'

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Capturing imagination?

Capturing a child’s imagination’ is a contradiction in terms, just think about it.
Imagination, by its nature needs to be free, untroubled, like a wild horse on the prairie. To capture this implies that you intend to stifle it rather than free it with stimulation.
Imagination needs to be fed by randomness, adventure, space, openness and freedom, not capturing and incarceration.
I’m sure the intentions of people who use this phrase (Capturing a child’s imagination) intend to free the mind of our young people through books and other stimulations but we need to be careful with language and how we use it. 
Showing the potential of the mind is limitless, if we allow it to be and this should apply to adults as much as children.
One of my hero’s Spike Milligan wrote his first novel, ‘Puckoon’, about a mythical village in Ireland, without having ever paid us a visit. Using his vast imagination he got it right in a zany sort of way and then maybe not?
The great revelation in this book, for me, was how the main character argued with the author. The best part, to me, is where Dan Milligan complains about his legs and demands a better pair be written.
To a child everything is possible including what society considers as ‘Normal’. Unfortunately in ‘Capturing a child’s imagination’ we guarantee they will be ‘normal’.
Society needs to be challenged, the ‘Trumps’ ‘Kenny’s’ ‘Merkel's’ of this world need to see a new way, a road where everyone is seen as equal, yet different at the same time. We need the wider society to respect this difference and allow it to develop for the benefit of all. 
We should all be equal in our difference but respected for it.
Just look at the people who have helped society most, Martin Luther King, The Wright brothers, Marconi, Edison, Graham Bell, Einstein amongst others. They were all strange in their own way but free thinkers.
These are some of the well-known ones but what about those who dare to think of a cure for cancer, dementia, are they not free thinkers, they need to be if they are to succeed and enable change.
These diseases and others will eventually be cured and we will travel around the world a quickly as a bus can bring us into town but only if we fail to ‘Capture Imagination’ and allow free thinking in our children, keeping it free all through life.

A genius is a child who keeps learning but never grows up.

Grab a thought
Mull it over
Play with it
Change it
Turn it into an idea
A solution
To a problem

JC-Dublin-A City that allows 'Imagination' to roam free

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Imperfect is Perfect enough?

Is there such a thing as perfection, if so, why isn’t it on sale in one of our supermarkets.  The simple answer to this question is ‘Perfection’ doesn’t exist except as an aspiration, dream, hope, or ambition. It has no value in itself but as an aspiration it is ‘Perfect’.
No matter how good something is, it can be improved and will be, in time.
What it does as an aspiration is gives us focus and the dream of doing the impossible.
How often have I written the ultimate perfect story or poem and the next day finding glaring faults that need immediate correction. More times than any self-respecting male should ever admit.
Now imperfection, that’s a different story, a useful tool in many respects.
First-Its there in front of me, smiling like a friend.
Two-It and me have become pals, mates, because we keep coming into touch with each other regularly. I have developed a deep respect for it and its abilities.
Three-It is one of the stepping stones to success.
Four-A great teacher and mentor.
There is of course a road to perfection but unfortunately or maybe fortunately, it has no ending. A road that goes on and on and on to whom knows where.
I have heard a quote ‘When you reach perfection it is time to crawl into bed and die’. A bit stark and  I don’t know where it came from but it tells us that there is nothing in life beyond perfection, so if you achieve it, there is nothing left in life.
I have also heard it said that if you strive for perfection you will achieve excellence but I am not so sure of that as I would treat excellence the same as perfection and it is an aspiration unless you see excellence as the best you can achieve at the moment but then you could say the same about perfection.  The tutor ‘imperfection’ shows us how to change, often, amend, start again, use your mistakes as the beginning of a journey. You can’t take too many journeys in life, if you can fit them in, please do, you’ll reap the benefits.
These journeys from imperfection, along hope, trials, tribulation, frustration, anger, joy and more anger, are the seeds of progress. Progress is not perfection, just a train station along the way.

We need hope in life, dreams, aspirations and some joy, to feed our souls, as humans. The belief that you have perfection starves us of these nutrients.

JC-Dublin-A City full of imperfections. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Red apple consequence

Red apples have played a part in life down through the ages. Im sure it was a red Cox’s pippin that  Eve gave to Adam and look at the consequences, fish crawling out of the sea and turning into humans. Of course that still begs the question where did Adam and Eve come from but i don't have all the answers.
Sleeping beauty could have taken  a bite and fallen asleep for a thousand years (Time depends on who you're talking to or who’s telling telling the story-She supposedly pricked her finger on a needle but this could be a simile for an apple ) and was only woken by a kiss from a handsome prince or was it a frog who turned into a handsome prince. This begs the question, what had the frog/handsome prince eaten. The other question i would ask is ‘Would the ugly frog know it’s a frog or does it see itself as a prince. Is it aware that it is ugly or presume it is a handsome prince. I suppose what i am getting at is, do we change or is it the frog. Suppose, by a princess eating a red apple, the whole world changed  and we see things differently, except the princess of course. As i said, i don't have all the answers, just the questions. A good question, just like a  red apple will lead to good outcomes, but you must find your own answers, red apples and good questions enable this.
The reason i’m exploring this, is to look at the consequences of biting one of these apples to-day and falling asleep for a thousand years. Would the world wide web still exist and if it did, how much information would be on it. How long would your beard be, could the pretty princess have a beard, if she did, would the frog kiss her?
Would you wake up in the same bed and have bed sores. If you had  sores would you be able to sleep for a thousand years. It may seem that these questions are unimportant but if you have bed sores your priorities change.
Just imagine what the bed would be worth or would it have deteriorated. The antique’s road show may still be around, depending on the price of fuel or will their transport be driven by red apples, well! you never know? Mind you, it would be rational to call it the ‘antique road show’, if it’s still travelling.
What is it about red apples as opposed to green or yellow apples, could it be allure or to be more precise, ‘Lure’.
Life would be better if we asked more questions and ate more red apples?
Dublin-a City defined by it’s ‘Lure’