Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Cone

It had some age and memories, well it looked old, older than me and that’s saying something.  A pine cone with memories, well why not, why presume imamate objects have no memories.
They may have seen early settlers to Ireland as they trudged through our dense forests. The Partholonians may have passed this cone as they reached Tallaght, if they ever did.
There are possibly cone trees blowing in the wind at the moment , not three miles away who are related to this aged one?
A question arises in my aged and challenged mind, ‘How old is this cone and how long before they perish?
The answer is twofold-(1) How long is a piece of string
                                     (2)   I don’t know?
Authors note ; I need to research this, find the answer. Mankind could really benefit from knowing the answer to this question.
This cone may know the answer to who killed JR and where the battle of clontarf really took place in 1014. The residents and business people of Clontarf would be happy if it could be confirmed that the battle did indeed take place in this hinterland.
It may have lay along the pathway St Kevin supposedly walked between Kilnamanagh and Glendalough. Would it confirm, if it could talk (come to that in a minute), his saintliness or reveal how he cursed and swore at being born too early for a bus or tram to take him there?
Could it have been in St Stephens Green on Saturday 21st of august 1784 when Mary Fairfield was tortured to death for the murder of wet nurse Mary Funt and later burned as were many others?  As this was done after hanging was banned on the green I presume it was seen as a less barbaric means of paying for your crimes?
The knowledge held by a pine cone matches any encyclopaedia in any library.
Going back to them talking, maybe they can but we can’t hear them-humans are blind and deaf to so much in life. Maybe it’s better if we can’t hear them and leave the past where it is?

Of course it could be a foreign cone, a refugee, that crossed European borders before Brexit closes up shop?

JC-Dublin-A City that loves it's cones

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Poiesis Stew

I’m sitting alone
At home
Trying to find the words
To write this poem

A glass of wine
Would be divine
Help refine
Each and every line

A pint of Guinness
Just like Kavanagh
Brendan Behan
Flann O’Brien

A mix of vowels
With consonants
Image with simile
Sound with symbols

It could be a Sonnet
A five beat ten syllable line
Maybe I’ll just rhyme
Every second line

It could be an epic
Telling of deeds
Battles won

A limerick would be cool
But, it needs five lines
Would have to be bawdy
Humour attached

Comic verse
To make me laugh
Some intimate sniggers
With loud guffaw’s

My poem could be sad
A tale of woe
A perpetrator glad
With evil intent

A sexual tiger
About to roar
Hidden passions
Under a sensuous cloak

It may be a story of love
Happy or sad
Murder and mayhem
Deep desires

It could be verse for children
Something simple about suds
Stepping on the cat
Or daddy falling into a pond

Evil dreams
Put to pen
A dose of cynicism
Rhythmic coddle

Paradise lost

Rhyming schemes
Poetic form
Sub text

I would be blessed
If I had the recipe
A map of dreams
Mixed with spice

Would be nice

JC-Dublin-A City That Enjoys a Stew

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Early call

January breeze massages my skin
As a bumble bee crawls along the path
People stepping either side, 
Not noticing
An early wake-up call
On this sun kissed January afternoon

JC-Dublin a City defined by Dreamers

Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Stories: Spike

(A Tribute to the late Spike Milligan by JC )
Rilligan Dilligan
Silligal rhymitcal
Writical lyrical
Spikical  Millican

Write as you like
Poetical Bike
Symetrical Kite
Rhymetical spike

Muckoon Puckoon
Potholes caught holes
Mythical Dittical
Crows anaylitical

Adolf Bittler
Hitler dittler
Partikil downfall
Humouresly writeilar

Spikical writeakil
Milligan Bisekil
Lyrical wittical           
Poetical nonsenekil

My Stories: Story in a Box

Story in a Box:
Locked away
 Hidden from life
 Sleeping in the dark
 Waiting to be opened
 Shared amongst the world
 Secret no more ...

My Stories: Ripple effect

My Stories: 
Ripple effect:
Ripples in the water on a calm day ask me a question, needing an answer. I’m talking about, well writing about, ripples created in the water by ducks, swans, sea-gull and people who should be going to Specsaver (*). These ripples can and do start out as small ripples, no bigger than the duck, creeping out towards the bank, creating a wide significant ripple.
This disturbance of water, travels and in a sense, infects the water all around it, upsetting the calm inherent in its nature.
I presume that as the duck moves on, the water settles, finding its own level, returning to its calmness.
Is that the end of it or does this small impact on the river, have a lasting and or longer effect?
I have heard it proposed, that if every man woman and child, in china, jumped up and down for a given period, this would de-stabilise the world with the shock waves that would permeate the earth.
Authors note; On recollection, I never heard the women and children mentioned. That adds to the question, if they were included, would this increase the effect or is there a point where shock waves are limited, I presume not?
Further authors note;  The amount of Chinese, men women and children, in all the countries of the world, mass immigration and mass emigration, is this a precautionary measure in case they all start hopping up and down at the same time, giving balance to the shock waves, negating the effect.
Third Authors note;  It is hard, to sit at the computer, thinking of ripples, without thinking of Ice cream ripple, if anyone has a spare ice cream ripple, I’d be glad of it? End of mouth-watering, authors note.
Take the Chinese analogy, if all the ducks, swans etc, around the world, started to create ripples in all the waters of the world. At the same time, civilised and otherwise, would it have the same disastrous effect?
Come to think of it, ducks, just like Chinese, men women and children, are spread verily evenly around the world, across all continents, creating stability, Whoo! (At this point author wiped sweat from forehead) What a relief.

*Specsavers are a brand of opticians that use a ripple effect in a television add.

JC-DUBLIN-A city defined by ripples

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The possibilities from 'Unusual Combinations'

Take a chance and if you succeed you’ll be happy, if you fail you’ll be wiser.

From time beginning innovators have taken chances and mixed unusual combinations creating successes on top of lots of failures. It is not the results that matter but the mind that is open to taking a chance and looking at failure as a step towards success.
Motor cars are a mix of unusual material with horse for power, rubber for tyres, metal for body, plastic for innards and hide from animals for seating. Add sand to make glass and you have a wide variety of unusual combinations that leave us with a vehicle that t travels at speeds that couldn’t have been perceived a century ago. It may be normal combination today but before its invention these weren’t normal combinations, some unknown.
If someone told you they were going to mix sand, rubber, metal, horse, animal hide, plastic with some paint and this could travel at speeds over 100 kilometres an hour they would be locked up and yet!.
Just think of cakes and the various ingredients that go to making these coronary challenges.  Somebody must have experimented with sugar, milk, butter, margarine, flour, soda powder, eggs, currents and come up with the thousands of different treats.
Who would have thought that putting a piece of spring metal on the legs of paraplegics would enable them to travel at speeds challenging some of the fastest athletes in the world?
The earth which we know is round and was at one time perceived to be flat but we know from space travel that the earth is round as is a lot of the planets including the sun and moon.
Most writers know that if you want to write an interesting story you will pick the most unlikely combination of characters to populate it. Then you will create unusual situations of conflict so as they can interact.
Of course taking a chance doesn’t guarantee success or the desired outcomes. But this is not important.
Advances in society are dependent on minds that take chances and advances come from the most unexpected places with the most obvious outcomes. How often have we said “I could have done that” but could we, only if we took the chances.
Not all of us taking chances will achieve our desired outcomes but if enough of us try some will succeed and life moves on.

 JC-Dublin-A city defined by it's ability to 'TAKE CHANCES'