Thursday, 14 January 2016

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

The possibilities from 'Unusual Combinations'

Take a chance and if you succeed you’ll be happy, if you fail you’ll be wiser.

From time beginning innovators have taken chances and mixed unusual combinations creating successes on top of lots of failures. It is not the results that matter but the mind that is open to taking a chance and looking at failure as a step towards success.
Motor cars are a mix of unusual material with horse for power, rubber for tyres, metal for body, plastic for innards and hide from animals for seating. Add sand to make glass and you have a wide variety of unusual combinations that leave us with a vehicle that t travels at speeds that couldn’t have been perceived a century ago. It may be normal combination today but before its invention these weren’t normal combinations, some unknown.
If someone told you they were going to mix sand, rubber, metal, horse, animal hide, plastic with some paint and this could travel at speeds over 100 kilometres an hour they would be locked up and yet!.
Just think of cakes and the various ingredients that go to making these coronary challenges.  Somebody must have experimented with sugar, milk, butter, margarine, flour, soda powder, eggs, currents and come up with the thousands of different treats.
Who would have thought that putting a piece of spring metal on the legs of paraplegics would enable them to travel at speeds challenging some of the fastest athletes in the world?
The earth which we know is round and was at one time perceived to be flat but we know from space travel that the earth is round as is a lot of the planets including the sun and moon.
Most writers know that if you want to write an interesting story you will pick the most unlikely combination of characters to populate it. Then you will create unusual situations of conflict so as they can interact.
Of course taking a chance doesn’t guarantee success or the desired outcomes. But this is not important.
Advances in society are dependent on minds that take chances and advances come from the most unexpected places with the most obvious outcomes. How often have we said “I could have done that” but could we, only if we took the chances.
Not all of us taking chances will achieve our desired outcomes but if enough of us try some will succeed and life moves on.

 JC-Dublin-A city defined by it's ability to 'TAKE CHANCES'

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The probability of 'DREAMS'

Life, society,people and the way we live are different now to past times. As we move through the age's, we learn to adapt and change, as we will in the future.
In the fifties, Polio was incurable and Scarlet fever  a killer, now we hardly hear of them except in poorer regions.
Things were different then, as they are now and will be in the future.
Icarus tried flying with wings made of wax and as we all know the sun melted them. At present, while i'm writing this a plane, sun powered,  'Solar impulse 2',  has landed in Hawaii to great excitement. This will continue later on another stage of thirteen, in a round the world trip. In the past, when Icarus was alive, this would have been scary, in the future this or something similar will be the norm. The impossible becoming possible, the dream becoming a reality.
Beware of what people, particularly those with knowledge, say is impossible, as all dreams have the capacity to become reality.
Three months journey to Van Dieman's land in Captain Cooks time can now be achieved in twenty hours and possibly less in the future.
Our famine victims crossed the Atlantic to America in ten weeks, this can now be done in eight hours, an impossible dream becoming a reality.
In the future it will be difficult to die as every physical part of the body will be replace as happens with cars at the moment. At present you can have your heart replaced, new valves fitted, legs replaced, hips, knees, a new nose built and kidneys replaced.
It is only sixty years since the first heart transplant by Christiaan Bernard on the 3rd of December 1967 in Cape Town South Africa. Before this he had performed the second successful Kidney transplant in Africa the same year. This was an impossibility until he achieved it and look at what has happened in medicine during this short time-frame, many dreams turned into reality.
If men can dream it, men can build or resolve it.
Life is full of opportunities, they lie in un-suspecting places, hidden, to be found by dreamers.
Dreamers are more important than science, poetry, engineering, as these are the outcomes of someone's dreams.
Lets awake tomorrow with a dream, let it grow, evolve into a solution to a challenge.
Only the brave can do this, are you one of us?

JC-Dublin-A City defined by 'It's Dreamers and Doers'.

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Funny is funny in a funny sort of way. It can be humorous, dark, uproarious, slick, jokey, hilarious, and much more, if it works. If this five letter word turns on you and doesn't work, it's like 'Death in a Moment'.
We can of course be funny unintentionally which is referred to as 'People Laughing Against Us', not funny.
What we need to be really funny is 'People laughing With Us' and some talent/ability. Not an easy task.
Yet everybody tries to be funny at some time or other, with some succeeding and others falling flat on the proverbial. Often there are those who just seem FUNNY funny, not a nice place to be. You have of course heard people say 'She's funny that way' sympathetically.

Jack Benny could be funny, hilariously so, by doing nothing, just standing on the stage, still. He is reputed to have done this for up to fifteen minutes. He had a reputation for being a 'Miser' and he certainly was, with jokes, based on the amount of time he stood still but audiences got value in laughs.
On one occasion he was in a restaurant and the manager passed a comment him "Your daughter is a bigger tipper than you" to which he replied "We'll she has a rich father, I don't".
He also played the Violin, of which he is reputed to be an excellent player but this is not what we saw on stage. When he removed the violin from his case it could be anything up to ten minutes before he hit the strings with his bow, before you heard a note. Usually bad ones which set the audience laughing, again mean with notes, at least good ones.

Tommy Cooper  often made us laugh by doing nothing  or doing something badly, a magician who couldn't magician.

Les Dawson another English comedian, would stand there on the stage, cross his arms and twist his face or often just his lips and the audience would split their sides laughing. He also had some good monologues which were well written and ridicule his mother-in-law. "I have a soft spot for the mother in-law, its down the back garden".
It's funny really how this can happen, be funny i mean, when some people do it and not for others.
This is down to an undefined skill, 'TIMING' which takes years to practice and perfect. All of the above have this down to a 'T', T for timing.
It's funny really, but funny is a very serious business, which takes a lot of hard work,  practice, honing and trauma to make it work, funny that.
You will notice that when a great comedian tells a story or joke he or she will not laugh at it but you will. The exception to this is Tommy Cooper who never stops laughing from the moment he steps onto the stage, but gets away with it.
Norman Wisdom specialised in falling about in a manner that would be a credit to any world class gymnast. His eyes, body movement and general demeanor were funny.
Funny how that works.
What a funny old world,
Life is funny, being funny but its also funny being funny, funny that?

JC-Dublin-A city defined by its comics

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fairy tree

The tree was laden with soothers that one presumes was sucked by children over the previous few years. This is the ‘Fairy Soother Tree’ of Kilnamanagh* where local Fairies hang soothers celebrating, some voluntarily, giving them up as a sign of growth.
What the fairies do with these items is a mystery to most but I have seen them sitting within the rings while watching a GAA match being played on the nearby pitches. They have to be careful as birds have been known to snap a fairy up and carry them away to their nest.
Fairies are generally very quick at disappearing so it takes a very quick bird to grab one. Unfortunately if a fairy is stressed IE caught in a beak, they find it hard to disappear.
It is quite possible and believable that birds have some knowledge unknown to us humans, that stop fairies using their magic powers as they can’t disappear from a birds nest and find themselves sitting on an n egg for months with only maggots and bird saliva for food.
I know they use these soothers for exercise, swinging from one to another like monkeys use tree branches. It’s like a fairy gym and they can be used a s swings when it’s breezy.
Of course none of this happens when humans are about so they pick a tree in a quiet area where people are less likely to be.
Another benefit of a tree is humans tend to look down instead of up, so even if they are playing when humans are around they are unlikely to be noticed. Fairies can’t figure this out as there are far more interesting sights in life if you look up rather than down. Fairies won’t complain about this as it makes life easier for them. If only birds did the same. Well! They do but from a different perspective. They look down from above the tree if only they could also look up as well.

PS; It is worth nothing that Henry 111 (Of England) signed a law decreeing the death penalty for anyone found killing, wounding or maiming fairies. There is nothing in print to suggest this applied to Leprechauns? 
* Kilnamanagh is a housing estate on the south side of Dublin city in the townland of 'Tallaght'.

JC-DUBLIN-A City defined by its love of the little people.